Food Alert: EXCESSIVE Inorganic Arsenic Level in Daily Consumable RICE Products

According to information from the Hong Kong Organic Resource Center, rice samples were reported to have excessive inorganic arsenic content which is a carcinogen. Excessive consumption of such products could increase the risk of cancer and harm children’s intelligence development.

In Hong Kong, the existing maximum permitted concentration of Arsenic for rice is 1.1 ppm (expressed as inorganic arsenic).

While according to Government Consultation Document “Proposed Amendments to the Food Adulteration (Metallic  Contamination) Regulations” issued on June 2017, new limits for metals (arsenic) in food is proposed.


Food items

Existing max.permitted concentration
(expressed as inorganic arsenic) (ppm)

Proposed max. level (ML) (mg/kg, unless otherwise specified)

Rice, husked



Rice, polished





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