9 Steps for Greening Your Office

Taking one step forward, you can help energy saving and make the planet greener.

1. Conduct lighting simulation during lighting design to meet users’ requirement and adopt LED lighting to save energy.

2. Adopt light color/white color for interior surfaces, including ceiling, walls and surfaces of working platform, to improve the reflectance of lighting. The number of luminaire can be relatively reduced to save energy.

3. Include thermal comfort design into your office renovation design and encourage employees to wear outfits made with thinner and more breathable fabrics. It can also increase comfort in the working environment around 24-26 °C.

4. Check the energy label to make sure you’re buying an efficient product.

5.  Use program setting for MVAC operation /or use time control for air conditioner to turn down/off the AC when there is no occupant. 

6.  Consider using an interior fan in conjunction with your air conditioner to spread the cooled air more effectively without greatly increasing your power use.

7. Add energy meter for the power-hungry equipment/system to monitor the energy consumption for easy.

8. Switch off or unplug any chargers or appliances which you don’t need on.

9. Conduct periodic maintenance and commissioning to keep your equipment operating in good conditions.

This year, CMA Testing Hong Kong Laboratory was awarded LEED CI V4 Gold, demonstrating our continuous dedications on Environmental Sustainability. With a dynamic team of professional in consultancy roles, we strive for high level of energy efficiency and more environmental friendly in multi-aspects within our workplace.