EN ISO 9994 – An International Safety Test for Lighters

Any flame-producing device may present a potential hazard to consumers. The International Standard, EN ISO 9994 “Lighters – Safety Specification”, helps to establish requirements for lighters to ensure a reasonable degree of safety for normal use or reasonably foreseeable misuse of such lighters by users. It is intended to reduce potential hazards to users by including various mechanical tests. 
Parts of the testing items are listed below:

It applies to all flame-producing products commonly known as cigarette lighters, cigar lighters and pipe lighters.
Exclusion includes matches or other flame-producing products intended solely for igniting materials other than cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. 

Lighters - Manually operated flame-producing device, employing a petrochemical derivative as a fuel, normally used for deliberately igniting cigarettes, cigars and pipes, and which may foreseeably be used to ignite materials such as paper, wicks, candles and lanterns 

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