The Toys Regulations (Magnetic Toys): SOR/2018-138 was amended

On 11 July 2018, Health Canada made amendments to the Toy Regulations in the Canada Gazette. The amendments were to align Health Canada’s toy safety requirements for magnetic toys with EN71, ASTM F963 and ISO 8124 requirements. The revised versions will come to effective on 11 Jan 2019.

Key Amendments to the Toys Regulations (Magnetic Toys) are as follow:

1. The definitions of plush toy, soft toy and toy in section 1 of the Toys Regulations are updated:

- plush toy means a toy with a raised fibre surface.

- soft toy includes a toy that is stuffed or made of pliable rubber or pliable plastic.

- toy means a product that is intended for use by a child under 14 years of age in learning or play. 

2. Section 37 of the Regulations for Shaft-like handle is replaced by the following:

37. A pull or push toy that has a shaft-like handle that measures 10 mm or less in diameter must have a protective tip that is placed on the end of the handle to prevent puncture wounds and that is able to withstand a pulling force of 44.5 N.

3. Subsection 38(3) of the Regulations is repealed.

4. The following sections are newly added:

Magnetic force
43 Every magnetic toy and any of its magnetic components, including those magnetic components that become separated from the magnetic toy or magnetic component when tested in accordance with Schedule 9, that can be totally enclosed in the small parts cylinder, as illustrated in Schedule 1, using a force of not more than 4.45 N, must have a magnetic flux index of less than 0.5 T2mm2, when tested in accordance with Schedule 10.

44 (1) Section 43 does not apply to the following magnetic components:
(a) those that are necessary for the operation of motors, relays, speakers and other electrical or electronic components in a magnetic toy, provided that the magnetic properties are not part of the play or learning pattern of the toy; and
(b) subject to subsection (2), those that are part of a kit intended for carrying out educational experiments involving both magnetism and electricity and intended for a child of at least 8 years of age.

Warning — container and instructions for use
(2) Warning or its equivalent must be displayed prominently and legibly in English and French on the kit’s container and instructions.