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Complying regulation and standard requirements by performing test can assure your product safety. However, it is just a defensive and protective action for your products from being recalled and not enough to differentiate your brand. Therefore, the best marketing tool of promoting your product is actively showing how safe and good the product is. We help executing your marketing plan efficiently and effectively by using our tailor-made product certification service.

A certified logo issued by a third-party organization sticking on an eye-catching area of product packing not only helps building consumers' confidence, but also strengthening the positive image of your brand. Also, the synergy effect generated between testing and certification is what you shouldn’t miss out either.

Our Certification Section has been established along with a well-developed "Product Certification" service. With professional, impartial and reputation position, making use of objective, systematic and market oriented method, we evaluate various kinds of products. The certification labels build confidence to the publics and become the "microscope of quality" for the consumers.

The "Product Certification" services include:

  1. CMA "Freshness" Scheme – fishery product safety certification
  2. Washroom Air Quality Scheme – Air quality of washrooms certification
  3. Monitored Caterer Certification
  4. Product Carbon Footprint Certification (For detail, please visit the project web-site)

CMA "Freshness" Scheme


CMA "Freshness" Scheme


Monitored Caterer Certification


CMA Testing Verified (V-mark)


Washroom Air Quality Scheme

Product Carbon Footprint Certification


CMA "Freshness" Scheme

In order to let the society have an easy way to choose safe and high nutrient fish products from the market, CMA Industrial Development Foundation Limited (hereafter as “CMAIDF”) establish “CMA Freshness Scheme” (hereafter as “The Scheme”) on voluntary basis to let aquaculturists to get their products certified with the Scheme so the confidence level of the public towards them can be enhanced.


The Scheme is operated and organized by CMAIDF on an independent and voluntary basis to provide for the certification of aquaculture products that can fulfill food safety requirements and also high in specific nutrient content. CMAIDF will be responsible for the assessment of candidate's products for determination of their compliance with the requirements specified. To be reputable and able to reach the purposes of this Scheme, CMAIDF operates in accordance with relevant international standards.

In order to know the detail, please click here to download the scheme. 

Certified Products: 

Certificate Number





Jade Perch

Santai Eco Fishery Limited

Industrial Zone of Subian, ChaShan Town, Dongguan City, PRC. Postal Code 523389

Monitored Caterer Certification
In recent years, there is a rising safety concern on food products and growing quality expectation from the market under the ever-changing external environment, which generate opportunities and challenges for food practitioners. Effective food audit and food test in advice can help minimize the risk and increase customers’ confidence with strong competitive edge.

The “Monitored Caterer” Scheme (hereafter as “The Scheme”) is developed by CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories (hereafter as “CMA Testing”) to recognize and encourage those catering service providers meeting a satisfactory food hygiene standard. CMA Testing shall conduct an on-site inspection and a microbiological testing of food and swab samples to verify the performance of a caterer applicant. 

Each catering site shall be conducted at least 1 audit every 3 months, with a total of minimum 2 food samples and 2 swab samples collected for microbiological tests in each assessment and get at least 80 points in total.

In order to know the detail, please click here to download the scheme. 

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