Comprehensive Candle Testing Services

U.S. fire departments (statistic from 2009 to 2013) responded to an estimated average of 9,300 home structure fires started by candles per year. It means that there are around 26 home candle fires per day.
CMA Testing is able to provide a wide range of candle and its related testing services for various markets including Europe and United States.



EN 15493:
Flame Height*,Stability, Secondary Ignition, Re-ignition after Extinguishing and More.

*Flame Height

(According to EN 15493)

Tealight<= 30mm


ASTM F2417:
Flame Height, Stability, Secondary Ignition, End of Useful Life and More.


Candle Accessories

ASTM F2179:
Thermal Shock Test, Annealing Test
and More

ASTM F2601:
Flammability, Stability, Burning Test
with Relative Candles and More



EN 15494 / ASTM F2058:
Safety Information, Layout of a Product Safety Label and More

Example of Safety Label (According to EN15494)

Example of Safety Label (According to ASTM F2058)



Sooting Behaviour
EN 15426:
The Average Soot Index



Appearance Check, Labeling and Packaging Check, Supervision of Container Loading.


CMA Testing is assisting your product in complying with latest updates. Apart from a wide range of testing services, CMA Testing also provide trustworthy inspection services and factory audit.