New Japan Toy Safety Standard - ST 2016

ST 2016 Major changes:

1) Part 1: As shown in the table below
2) Part 2: Same as ISO8124 Part 2:2014



Description for the changes in ST 2016



Added "free flight", "arrow", "dart" & "leading edge"

Amended "projectile", "discharge mechanism", "projectile toy with stored energy" & "projectile toy without stored energy"


Shape, size and strength of certain toys

i) New requirement for toys or components of toys with nearly spherical, hemispherical, circular flared, or dome-shaped ends of toys having a mass less than 0.5 kg and intended for children under 18 months

ii) New requirement for Toy fasteners (e.g. nails, bolts, screws, and pegs) with nearly spherical, hemispherical, or dome-shaped ends intended for children 18 months and over but under 48 months



New requirement for Rigid projections on toys designed primarily for use in the bath tub


For General Projectile Toys

New exemptions for projectile toys, mainly related to the maximum range of the discharged projectile & ground based toys propelled along a track or launched onto another surface

For Projectiles

i)  New requirements for leading edge of the projectile, e.g. using a new gauge to evaluate the tips or leading edges on rigid projectiles;
ii)  Amended requirement for projectile with suction cup and added new requirement for suction cup on foam projectile;
iii) New requirement for small part projectile;
iv) New improvised projectiles in specific dimensions for discharge mechanism, e.g. pencil, tooth pick, coins etc.

For Other Projectile Toys

i)  New requirement for Mouth-actuated projectile toys;
ii)  Amended the requirement for Projectiles in the form of a dart;
iii) New requirements for Projectiles in the form of an arrow, e.g. it shall have a maximum kinetic energy per unit area of contact not greater than 2 500 J/m2

For Rotors and propellers:

Added some exemptions & examples of good design



i)  Definition of "easily open cover" was added, using an impact test and tension test to evaluate the battery cover;
ii)  Removed the requirement of cover opened with rotary or sliding movement;
iii) Extended the requirement for Button cells, coin cells or batteries with nominal voltage of 3V or more instead of button cells only.

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